Thursday, March 20, 2008

An update... FINALLY!!!

Happy 2008 all,

Well for starters I've been doing a ton of work for Major League Baseball. I love their projects even though sometimes they drive me a little nuts. It's really interesting translating the costumed mascots into actual licensable (is that a word?) cartoon characters. It's a challenge but lots of fun. Also in the works is a graphic novel project. I can't speak on that but it's for kids and it's way cool. I can't wait for people to see it. Let's see... what else... Ah! In April I'll be starting the art for several puzzle books that will be carried in some major retail locations. Another cool project that I have dropping this summer is a collection of original clipart. Several collections actually. They will be sold through a site called It will launch in June or July hopefully. This will be the first venture of my new company XmasArts Media LLC. The next few months will be exciting to say the least and I will chronicle the whole thing right here so stay tuned. well that's about all for now. Stay safe. Later.